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Old and Senior Citizens Caretaker Services

An in-home elder care service is one where a trained and experienced professional will help to look after your elderly loved one. This could be after your loved one is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, could be something that is a result of old age, or any health based care where your elderly loved one needs constant looking after and assistance.

At Quality Nursing, we offer you all the care and assistance support that your elderly loved one can need, right in the comfort of their own home.

When do you need our in-home elderly care services?

Yes it can be quite tricky to bring up the subject of professional in-home care for elderly with your loved elderly. They may feel you are mocking their abilities to look after themselves. In some cases, they may also feel that you are shirking your responsibility of looking after them and handing it out to an outsider.

One of the best times to broach the subject is before it is too late, and before most of the warning signs have kicked in. Make sure that you talk about in-home care for elderly in a non-patronizing way, something that will give them an idea that you are suggesting it as a comfortable option, instead of telling them you are already going ahead with it.

Ask them what they think and tell them that they can meet the caregiver and decide for themselves. Make sure you have enough examples of their need for professional help in case they feel they are capable of taking care of themselves. This is often a good way to break the ice and discuss the matter openly. Also, make sure to spend enough quality time with them and also keep them updated about other responsibilities that you are currently handling, and how you want to make sure that it does not interfere with the person’s care in any way.

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